3rd Solo Trip: Bangkok

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-03 at 2.14.56 AM
Bangkok’s very owned Ferris Wheel- Mekhong (Asiatique)!

Bangkok wasn’t a dream city to be at if I ever had the chance to go for a short getaway. Really. I was very skeptical to go to Bangkok because there were few things that I fear off especially the recent bombing event which took place at Erawan Shrine last year. It took me awhile to do research with the slightest thing I need to take note off. It took me a HUGE courage to be there.

I decided to be there in early March this year since I’ve been working too hard on a peak period just to save money for this trip. I wasn’t even sure how many days should I stay. I asked some experienced travel blogger on my twitter account for advices. Her advice given was right but when I was there I wish for more nights to spend because this city is full of friendly, helpful & smiley citizens. No wonder local Singaporeans love coming back here! A shopping paradise with cheaper deals to splurge & lots of delicious food to tuck in whenever hungry! Without further a do, I shall break down to different parts of the itinerary and the money I spent haha!


Flight: I decided to take 2 different airlines to survey how efficient it was. Unfortunately, my experience for both of these airlines I boarded with were acceptable but it couldn’t beat the ones I took with Jetstar during my 2nd Solo Trip to KL. I took AirAsia from SIN to DMK & Thai Lion Air from DMK to SIN. Coincidentally, both of these airlines gave me a window-seat on the left. Actually I was disappointed during my flight back to SIN because I wanna catch the horizons of sunset on the right side of the plane (yes, the view was too beautiful not to miss out.)

A one-way tix of AirAsia from SIN to DMK costs me close to $100 which inclusive of pre-ordering of a set meal! I had Green Curry Chicken Rice & it was sooo delicious to the extend that I could smell my food from the galley. Oh, this flight tix has no baggage thus cheaper.

Thai Lion Air had a promo deal on the day I wanted to book my flight. A one-way tix costs me $60+ inclusive of free 15kg baggage without pre-ordering meals.

I have italicized the word “acceptable” above because somewhat I had horrible experience with Thai Lion Air the most while my experience with AirAsia was still acceptable. I will share the full story when I got the time to pen it off.

Accommodation: It’s a dream to stay in a hotel (right?) especially my first time at BKK. I planned out to stay in a hotel & hostel during this trip. There were setbacks when I was planning what type of accommodation should I stay. Long story short, I decided to stay in a hostel and it was the best out of my life. Anyhows, this was my 2nd time experiencing it!

Previously on my 2nd solo trip to KL, I used Hostelbookers app to book hostel. This time round, I used Booking.com to book a hostel bed in a room of 10 bed for female. I could say that Booking.com is very efficient when it comes to explore & book of accommodations. My planning was quite meticulous & BAAAAM I FOUND ONE! Actually I placed a list in my Booking.com account of  which were the hostels I wanted to stay. I would prefer to stay with bed that has curtain for privacy sake. However, I got something like the ones in a camp- bunk beds but modernized.

It was amazing to sleep in at Cloudy Hostel. (Actually the name reminds me of Pokka Cloudy Apple!) The hostel is located 5-mins walk from BTS Phaya Thai. No doubt that I tend to walk-in & walk-out from the hostel. Oh how convenient! It was easy to locate too. (Before my trip, I searched this hostel on Youtube. It helps alot!) It’s quite near to find Halal street foods there (which is Soi Surao).

Built-in with adequate length of shelf to place anything mini, a retractable lamp & a bed with some spacious room right below the mattress (I could stuff my bag pack on it). Love the fact that there’s balcony at the room, but it was meant for guests to dry-hang their clothes! The lockers located outside the room. The shared bathrooms are equipped with shampoos, bath gels & feminine wash as well. Up till today, I’m still amaze how simple this hostel works & I don’t see any flaws or downturn about this hostel. It costs me THB800 & I paid in cash instead of the normal credit card payment. Booking.com FTW!

(It’s SGD16/night = SGD32 for 2 nights)


Courtesy: Google

Since I went to BKK for only 3 days, I decided to use prepaid sim card instead of renting portable WiFi. I’ve done too much research till I found a miracle! Haha! Bought some prepaid sim card from simcardman! It’s a local-based (Singapore) online shop that sells various global prepaid sim cards. So, if you’re looking for one, check this out.

Where did I went:

Likely typical but below is the list of where I headed to!

Humid weather @ Chatuchak Market


•Chatuchak (or Jatujak) weekend market (Day 1 right after my arrival!)

•Caturday Cat Café (Day 1)

•Big C Supermarket (Day 1 & 2)

•Pratunam area (day & night market bargains!) (Day 1 at night & Day 2 as early as 7am!)

•Asiatique (Day 2 in the evening)

•Siam Paragon/MBK/Terminal 21 (Day 1 & Day 2)

•Soi Surao (Day 1 in the evening- in search of Halal street foods… and there’s a food stall by the name of Ali Setan)


Honestly, I ate slightly lesser there than my home country. (Or perhaps there wasn’t any difference, lol!) During my trip, I discovered that there’s an alley that sells variety of Halal street foods which is called “Soi Surao”. There’s a mosque along this alley… and I spotted cute stray kitties around too. How adorable.

Basically, it is easy to find anything Halal in Bangkok. And as per internet research, I spotted the very famous Yana Restaurant which is located at the upper level of MBK. There is another stall that serves halal cuisine and it’s opposite of Yana Restaurant! Unfortunately due to tight budget, I gave a pass and also they were closing by the time I reached MBK (yea I came at night *sobz*).


On my 2nd day at BKK, I decided to go Asiatique. I’ve heard there is a shop that sells kebab. Thus, I decided to give a try. However, the taste is not as similar as what I’ve always had in Singapore. Too many veggies to consume. There was a time I stumbled upon a blog/Youtube that there was a shop that sells street foods which located at the back of Asiatique. With the help of Google Map, I couldn’t navigate those street foods. However, I found a shop that sells Halal Chicken Noodle. The moment I typed this, it makes me wanna have one again but y’know… nothing beats the original ones in Thailand :’)

My last day of the trip was quite a bore. Checked out at 11am (Thailand Time), intended to go JJ Market (the ones that opens on weekdays) but sadly I couldn’t navigate the location. Also, I brought 2 backpacks. It was tiresome. Eventually, I took a shuttle bus to DMK airport. A friendly lady bus attendant approached me and asked if I was a Thai. I said no. I don’t know which part of my facial feature has Thai face. Or maybe she wants to joke. Haha! I’ve cleared the immigration & headed towards the transit area for my home flight. Meanwhile, I bought some corn snacks for my (ex) colleagues at one of the duty free shop.

During boarding my home flight, the ah-jummas from some tour group (not from Korea) here fighting for seats and all & the way Thai LionAir handled was… erm… neutral. Oh well. From then on, I hate boarding flights with tour groups. I couldn’t tahan the noisy-ness. LOL! 🌚

Alright… some overdues photos I would like to share. Also, this is also an overdue post only decided to post it 9 months later. Too busy juggling school, work, family & personal stuffs.

At this point of time, I’m typing out when I’m on board to some city hehehe! ❤️


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