2 years back before I graduate HN in ITE, I promised myself to take a break from further studying. Prior to my gpa, I don’t even bother applying FT poly knowing the fact that my gpa is low & uneligible to pursue further (because entering Biz sch in a local poly was difficult!). Not to mention how crappy/screwed my personal life was at that point of year.

A year later, I got hired by a very popular OZ brand twice (first it was for GSS period & second was permanent PT right after my 1st contract ended). At that year, I discovered a course that I wanted to pursue @ a local poly I’ve been wanted to study. I missed the very 1st intake when they newly launch the course. Months passed with hurdles & obstacles I encounter, it is the time to apply the next intake since it was open.

Time passed. I was too caught up with my job– just to bring back meals for myself & the family (my mother especially) and paying the bills. I even worked for another job. My health caused disruption by then. I fatally admit how my social life getting thinner. However, I still socialize to whom I’m close with via social media. I was completely shocked to find out that my mother broke her right ankle on her birthday month (February) & thus my life changed drastically. It really affects my energy when I gotta be responsible for sooo many things at home. Don’t mention (and don’t ever imagine my situation) how mentally tired I am from being scolded by someone I don’t regard what he is.

Prior to my school application, I wasn’t expecting nor confident enough to get into that course with the problems I’m facing. (Besides, recently I had conflict within my co-workers. Oh well, it bothered me for a little while.) I gotta admit… during the application period, I faced some setbacks along the way. I made myself going to the school twice within the 1st week of the application period as I never brought along copies of transcripts which was really needed. I made an application twice because the first attempt I made couldn’t get through into the system. Fortunately the second & last visit of the school, there were computer stations available for me to re-apply. It made my online application status looks horribly ugly. But I’ve believed in whatever setbacks I’m going through now, the end result will be paid off.

Sooo this is it! Today, I officially announced that I got accepted into a course I wanted to pursue as a career & the school I’ve always wanted to study since 15. Finally my dream come true. It’s pretty crazy that I’m staying the East region travelling all the way to the other end just to get at least a better qualification. I know the challenge will be tougher this time round & hopefully I will get through this 2.5 years. 

Alhamdulillah! Thank you to those who believed, supported my decision with endless/countless advices those years. Whoever you people are, I’m blessed that we cross path & befriended to one another. You people are loved & will always be on my mind.



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