4th Solo Trip: Tokyo & Yokohama (via KL) with cost breakdown & brief itinerary

This is my very 1st birthday trip celebrated abroad; further from the previous (3rd Solo Trip) I went. This time I explore Tokyo (inclusive Yokohama) via KL on cheap thrills (think of Sia – Cheap Thrills haha!). It has been awhile since I went to KL. So why not? I was pleased to cross border for less than 24 hours throughout this entire journey. No doubt that this trip was full of emotions and doubts – before and during this journey. At the end of this journey, it left with a bittersweet memories which etched in my soul.


Perhaps, readers out there may want some piece of advice from me about this trip. But I urge people to not be like me. To do solo travelling in cheap thrills can be quite daunting. Practically, not easy but with self-discipline, you’ll be able to survive.

How many days I went? I went for 5 days 4 nights or I would say 6 days 5 nights (inclusive heading towards KL)


How much did I spent for this whole trip? Hmm… I shall make a breakdown based on estimation in SGD. (Help yourself with the calculation in USD ya)

There’s too many things to talk about this Japan trip. Links are available in each section. 😉

Bus Coach (from SG-KL return trip via KKKL & Starmart): S$40

*There was a deal when I booked Starmart (KL-SG) via an app –  CatchThatBus. Hence, cheap.

Flights (KL-HND return trip via AirAsia X): S$515

*I booked in August and for that price, it was quite a good deal. Initially, I wanted to book with Garuda, with 3-hour transit @ CGK. Unfortunately, the deal closed when I was fully ready to book one 😦 I used SkyScanner & Expedia to check out the pricing.

The guests house I stayed – Toshima-ku. And yea… that’s my breakfast before I head out to enjoy my birthday trip

Accommodations (2 different places in Tokyo via Airbnb): S$65

*One is located at Toshima-ku and the other is located  at Shinjuku-ku. I preferred the latter. I will share my experience in the next few post.

Insurance: S$19

*I’m particular about insurance. I use GoBear to filter my needs and I make research on each of the insurance companies that offering the deal. Etiqa is one of them. To me, insurance is essential when it comes to long-haul travels.  

Communication (purchased from Carousell): S$25

*This is a prepaid data sim – Docomo. It does not support neither SMS or phone calls. I used Skype to make roaming call with US$10/S$14 credit in my account. Surprisingly, the credit still lasts up till now. When I asked my mother how was the voice call like, she told me that it was crystal clear. I’m all glad to hear that & I shall use this for my future trips! 

How much money I brought to Japan: ¥20,000/S$250

*Before my trip, I went to Arcade Plaza (Raffles Place) where it is popular to make currency exchange. (I kid you not. The Q was quite long even at 3pm. I guess I broke my back hahaha kidding!) Eventually, I went to Changi Airport T3 to change all the currency. If you’re a beginner, take note that all currency exchange is willing to give ¥10,000 note. Even when you’re in Japan & intend to withdraw from the ATM, they’re willing to withdraw Y10,000 only. Nevertheless, do check with your bank provider & make lots and lots of research.

Total: S$909++

Day 1: I spent 17 hours from SG to KL with 5 hours bus trip and the rest hours in KL to shop for this Japan trip. 17-hours land transit from Singapore – KL 😬

Day 2: I overnight at Haneda Airport. I’ve read alot that some pax overnight there, and so I did. Saved my penny for accommodation though 😅 I started my day heading to Ueno Park. After an hour, I went to Asakusa for a couple of hours. Then, I proceed to my 1st AirBnb house which I got lost for the span of 1 hour 😥 The host wasn’t helping much. My plan to catch sunset was ruined because of this. In the evening, I went to Akihabara to buy a new travel adaptor. Gah!!! I’m in love with Akihabara. So I decided to roam other areas like Shinjuku & Ginza. Day 1 – Tokyo: 22nd Birthday Nightmare

I decided to edit this beautiful to make it outstanding. When I came, autumn foliage was about to bloom.

Day 3: I felt pretty much better on that day. I moved out from my 1st AirBnb guest house with my heavy backpacks. I went to Tokyo Station to place my heavy backpack inside a locker. Well… Tokyo Station is huuuuUuuuuuge. I remember on my Day 2, I lost at tracking on my assigned locker till I desperate to ask for help from one of their friendly staff there. Fortunately, they’re able to speak basic English. After which, I went to Grand Imperial Palace (East) and Nijubashi Bridge. After 2-3 hours spent, I went back to Tokyo Station, retrieved my backpack and off to my next AirBnb guest house. This time, it was indeed a pleasant experience I ever came across. After I’ve settled with the guest house, I went to Carrot Tower (Setagaya, Japan). Well, I got this info when I was doing a research on YouTube. And… it was free. Of course there were hiccups along the way. I decided to roam at Shibuya & Harajuku area. Gah! I remember I tasted the best kebab in my life. Day 2 – Tokyo: Dreamy

Cosmo World – a theme park located at the heart of Yokohama

Day 4: Major highlight of the day was being at Yokohama. No regrets for making a wise decision to be there. However, the 1st third of the day I managed to go Cami Mosque. My inner soul whispered “This place is very beautiful.” Despite the language barrier that I faced, I exchanged a friendly smile to one of the receptionist there. That warm-fuzzy feeling you got… Undescribable. Yokohama is sooooo wonderful. Very cooling to be there. I can’t even breathe (pun intended). Day 3 – Tokyo|Yokohama: The Tranquility

My guess is they’re a pair of sisters. Such a sweet gesture hehe

Day 5: On the last day of my birthday trip to Tokyo, I went to the whole area of Shinjuku in the morning to make a research. I’ve done online research, but I wasn’t pleased with it. I took their Airport Shuttle Bus and it was a breeze. I’m a kiasu when it comes to check-in so I came early. And… I had the best Naan ever with the most tastiest Butter Chicken. Day 4: Tokyo – The Final

This was a few pictures that I took when I was on my way home because I was too emotional HAHA!

Day 6: I had overnight return flight to KL with AirAsia X. Best experience ever was that I was fed twice with their meal. I was way too full that I gave up. Everything was smooth but not until the bus coach bound to Singapore gave me a problem. There was a kind soul who helped me out. And with that, it taught me a lesson or two. Sometimes, online reviews really help you. The Unfortunate Misery + My Best Experience: AirAsia X

I downloaded these apps during the trip. Not to forget, Hyperdia as well. Hyperdia provides timely information on the arrival of the subway trains. Very useful. I can’t download the app which claim to be available. Perhaps, they’re not offering to SG Apple Store. Idk. If you’re a Muslim planning to go for a holiday trip to Japan, I’d recommend you to download Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT) app as well Halal Media Japan. It’s very informative.

I hope, this information provided benefit you people who are planning for one. Not an easy feet y’know. I apologize for any shortcomings eh 🙂

… And you’re all welcome 😀


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