17-hours land transit from Singapore – KL

I decided to be a little adventurous for my Tokyo trip by taking night coach from Tampines MRT all the way to TBS, since it was a mere distance walk from my house to Tampines MRT (takes about 15 mins). I never took with KKKL before. Now that I’ve took that, I shall consider again whenever I wanna go to KL. Hehe! Anyway, it took less than 5 hours to reach my destination there because the highway is usually smooth at night yet dangerous as it was pitch dark…

But… there was a moment of fear when I was in the bus… I was the only lady in the bus heading to TBS while the rest have alighted their stops. Not a good thing. My panic soul told me to pretend I was talking on the phone to “a friend” but the driver kept talking to me. The optimistic me went by chatting with him about this trip & the why I decided to take AAX (Air Asia X) from KL. While I was chatting with him, I tracked my whereabouts as well on Google Maps.

Yada-yada… I’ve reached TBS safely @ 5 in the morning. It was quiet. I was looking around for lockers to store my heavy backpack. I wouldn’t want to carry it around me when I do my grocery shopping @ KL Sentral. Bingo, I found it! It costs me RM5 for a small storage which I managed to squeeze in. By the time I purchased my bus tix (to KLIA2) on the self-service machine, navigate the lockers & transfer some stuffs from small bag to my L-size backpack, it was time for Fajr (Subuh aka Dawn) prayers. Glad that I managed to perform one. After everything was settled, I walked out from TBS & caught that ray of sunset. I was, indeed, amazed.

milk coffee to keep me awake!

So I took KTM to KL Sentral @ 7-ish morning. By the time I reached KL Sentral, it was too early for me to go Sam’s Groceria @ Nu Sentral to shop convenient foods for my Tokyo trip. So I waited around Nu Sentral. I bought a can of Ayam Brand Tuna in Green Chilli which is not available in Singapore. You won’t believe what I’m going to say this… but I fell in love with it & till date I love it!! (will elaborate more on my next few posts)


Due to time constraint, I waste no time further & return to TBS, collected my backpack from the assigned locker & voila! So, the waiting time to KLIA2 starts. I was in fear & anxious because this will be my very first time ever I traveled so far from Singapore & Malaysia. The furthest before this was Bangkok, Thailand. I texted a good friend of mine about my worrisome and she coaxed me within that 4 hour span before flight. 

I almost overslept inside the bus when making my way to KLIA2. I literally had sleep-deprived because I had 30-minutes power nap inside the bus when I was making my way from Singapore to KL. This is my very first time ever I’ve been to KLIA2. Bigger than KLIA. And the walking distance, I daresay, it was pretty long. Meh :/ My leg wailed for help. Haha! So, while I was there, I did some grocery again for this trip. I bought many packets of Gardenia Ikan Billis bun for the next 5 days. Greedy me.

Despite the anxiety attack, I was very excited to get inside the transit lounge. Of course, the jakun me decided to roam around since I still have the time before I enter the gate departure. I was star struck when I went into the surau (Muslim room prayer)  inside the transit lounge. The solitude that I sought, was there. Reminds me so much of Moulana Mosque @ Raffles Place. Ah! Such a beautiful memory I had there.

So, after I’ve completed my prayers. I walked down to the gate I was supposed to depart. Before I managed to enter, there was a police man questioned me where I was heading to and when I will returned. Without any second thoughts, I told him that I was heading to Haneda Airport, Tokyo and returned on Wednesday. Weird question but I supposed this is a norm for travellers in case this might caused security trespassing. Anyway, it was cold at the gate and I told myself to prepare a sweater during my 7-hour flight.

My experience with AirAsia X flights were overall smooth loaded with good meals on board. On my departure to HND, I booked a quiet zone whereby some passengers like me choose to sit here to enjoy the moment of solitude & the “luxury” of “business class”.

And… then… it was time for the airplane to take off.

Breath-taking! But after awhile, it gets boring because the plane soar higher :/

Read here for the next adventure story of mine 🙂


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