Day 2 – Tokyo: Dreamy

I woke up with sun shone over the room. So glaring. Oh my… I thought I was late for check-out. I still had some ample time to pack my stuffs. My goal of the day: to be better – despite the language barrier and of course, hoping that my next and last AirBnb house will be better than the current.

The unhealthy breakfast, lol!
Since this is my first time using AirBnb, well… the end of transaction was smooth. On my 2nd day in Tokyo, my itinerary for the day was to visit Imperial Palace East Garden. Since it’s nearby to Tokyo Station, I stored my backpack on a locker area there. This time round I got it better. I took note of where I headed to – ensure that when I got back, it will be the same place. I also ensure that I took photos of the location to avoid being lost.


I’m lovin’ the sunshine although I gotta bear the cold ❤

Walking my way towards the Imperial Palace. The leaves… I’m in love.

This is the Admission token – a small block. Don’t lose it. And, the entry is free 😉




Testing out my panorama skill!


The Nijubashi Bridge

Back @ Tokyo Station.
I spent more than 2 hours at Imperial Palace East Garden. No regrets coming there to enjoy serenity. There was a crowd when I was at Nijubashi Bridge. The image was blurry. However, photo editing does wonder y’know! Next… I’m off to my next AirBnb guest house 😛



My 2nd AirBnb house is a hostel. Similar to the previous one but better. It’s a mixed dorm but with curtains to add security. I was safe, unharassed during my stay here. Those images above are my host’s unit and the deco was full of cats and Hello Kitty. Dayumm! There wasn’t any trouble getting here unlike the previous. Really. Perhaps it was because this host emailed me a PDF file which consists of the map and the nearest subway to alight. Oh ya! This place is located at Shinjuku-ku, metres away from Korea Cultural Centre. There were variety of provision shops around. There’s quite positive reviews on AirBnb though. Click to find out more.

Bonus point about this guest house: Washing Machine. Yes, I was quite surprised that there’s washing machine inside the toilet. LOL! They do provide laundry detergent as well. All I need was to chip-in 100Y (if I’m not mistaken) into the piggy bank.

My bed for the next 3 days. The blanket and the pillow is soooOooOooo comfy.
After I settled, I rest for a very short while before I proceed to my next journey which I failed to accomplish the day before. This time, I gotta make myself discipline.


The best shot I could take @ Carrot Tower. YASSSS!!! Finally I made it to Carrot Tower Observatory Deck!!! Yes, legitly it’s a Carrot Tower. All I wanted for during my birthday was to witness the sunset at a different country on a high-rise building. I know, there’s a lot of high rise buildings in Singapore (my home country) but I’ve viewed it for a few times. Boring. This time – I wanna make a little difference in my life. I know I can catch it elsewhere around the Central area. Wanna know why? I hate crowds and the usual. It was Sunday when I intended to be there. Going to Carrot Tower made a slight difference. And… coming here means something really etched my soul.

Since I’m a traveler, I would get lost at occasion times despite having Google Maps, Google Translator on my mobile. With difficulty understanding Japanese, I did faced trouble – which lift should I take? I wasn’t alone at that point of time. Fortunately, there was an American lady who had the same goal as me – to view the sunset at the Observatory Deck. That was where we struck some conversation. That was a mere friendly gesture. Majority of the seats were occupied but not until some walked off.

Night life @ Kanagawa.
Wanna find out more on this Observatory Deck? Click here. I love watching videos on YouTube for further understanding so here’s one  for you.

Went to Shibuya for the famous Shibuya Crossing as well as window-shopped which eventually I shopped for UQ sales item :’)


I went to Harajuku afterwards. My aim was to find Daiso since I’m a freak when it comes to cheap cheap good good stuffs. I was quite famished at that point of time. When I was using the HHWT app, I was guided that there’s Halal Kebab stall around Harajuku… which I found one. Hehe, alhamdulillah 🙂

Blurry image – don’t care but this is the stall at Level 2. Yes, you need to take some flight of stairs.

There’s a Muslim guy who promote his stall while I was searching for Daiso. I was hesitant but since I was hungry, I’ve no choice but ordered one. The portion is filling for me. Yumz! Aside from this, I was distracted by cosplayers as they were having some competition.

And… my search for Daiso continues until…

I found one! 5-level of Daiso products. Kyaaaa!
Unfortunately, I didn’t managed to film any photos when I was in the shop. Most of the products can be found in Singapore too. Nothing unusual, hahaha! But definitely cheaper due to the rates.


T’was a productive day for me. Time to go back to my guest house and have a full recharge for the next day.




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