Day 3 – Tokyo|Yokohama: The Tranquility

What a comfy night..  Haha! My day 3 plan? 1st third of the day was to visit a mosque. The other was to explore at Yokohama. The rest was to those places that I thought I can tick-off. My day 3 was filled with zeal yet a nerve-wrecking experience not to forget.

5-minutes walk from Yoyogi-Uehara Station.
Tokyo Camii Turkish Cultural Centre, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Read more about Tokyo Camii Turkish Cultural Centre here.

I thought of heading to the mosque because I felt that as a Muslimah travel abroad, I should pay a visit. And, I successfully did. It’s a mere 5 minutes walk from Yoyogi-Uehara station. The Google Map can be quite deceiving, thinking that it would take me 10 minutes to reach the Mosque. The streets are peacefully quiet. I expected that it would be as chaotic as the ones in Singapore where every roads are busy with vehicles roving around. My intention was to make Zuhr prayer but for some reasons, I did not fulfilled it. However, the very least I could make was to visit their tourist information centre. Both interior and exterior of the mosque is magnificent. MashaAllah. Oh yes, they do sell souvenirs and Turkish Coffee as well. But nope, I never tried the coffee. Do take note that the beautiful people inside the mosque speaks native language – Turkish/Japanese.

Tall yet gigantic office building. Unlike the ones in Singapore. Reminded me of Ultraman hahahaha 😅

I faced a very challenging period when I was making way to Yokohama. After I’ve alighted at Tokyo Station, I expected that it’s gonna be a smooth ride after taking note of where I should purchased the ticket. But it wasn’t. From asking the counter girl to the hassle of purchasing the ticket. It wasn’t easy. The hardest part was to take the JR line. I still got lost along the way. My guess was that I boarded the wrong train 😂 Eventually I safely reached the interchange and purchased a pass that led me to Yokohama.

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Minato Mirai 21 area
Cosmo World #1

I’ve been doing a 6-month research about Tokyo, Fuji-san, Kawaguchiko and Yokohama. I was torn between heading Fuji-san, Kawaguchiko and Yokohama. I decided to go for the latter because I reckoned  that when I visit it will turned out to be mesmerizing… which indeed it is! My love for Ferris Wheel is unconditional ❤

While I was making my way…


Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse… The European feelz..

While I was roaming around, I met an Indian man who randomly approached me. Not to worry because he’s just a stranger on the streets trying to make friends wimme 😅 And so… I continued enjoying my moments here.

My thought: for a glance, it looks like Marina Barrage


Yamashita Park

I spent quite a good 2 hours around. It was soooOooOoo breezy and slightly colder than Tokyo. After that, I took the subway back to Cosmo World since I was tired from walking. Also, it’s a 1-day pass so why not? 😆

Cosmo World #2

I decided to wait till sunset to capture this moment. No, I wanted to wait until the night time fell in (because if you Google this rainbow ferris wheel will light up at night) but waiting for sunset is still feasible. Haha!

So, the going back game to Tokyo begun. That 50-mins ride. Since it was my 2nd last night in Japan, I tried to check off some of the list I’ve been wanting to go. But only a few. Upset that I couldn’t make it and my energy had been depleting for I had a looOoooOng day. But I convinced myself that I will come back again, one day – hopefully.

A magnificent view of Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills

And… it’s time to go home… I mean, back to my hostel! ❤