Day 4: Tokyo – The Final

My final day in Tokyo was quite intense. Here’s the brutal truth: Getting that 2-day pass was NOT worth it. I made a wholly mistake. After it expired for 48 hrs, I needed to purchase another 24-hrs-pass from the ticketing machine. I should have gotten the Suica card instead. As mentioned earlier, Suica card works similarly like ezlink card that I have.  Another brutal truth: limited credit (monetary). Guess this is woes that most solo travellers suffer.

When I was in Yokohama the day before, my mind was clogged with worrisome – thinking of how do I make my way to the train station. I swear I felt like failure. I was on my wits’ end. No joke. I even seek help from some Japan travel account on Twitter on how should I get to Haneda Airport. Thankfully he was prompt at the replies.

Thus, aiport limousine was the answer & solved all the misery.  But… I still need to make a recce by going to the terminus. That means to say that I woke up as early as 4 in the morning despite the exhaustion kicked in. It was tedious to locate the terminus. I was lost at Shinjuku. No joke that Shinjuku is a big district to be at. Especially when language barrier could hinder almost everything.

This pair warmed my heart despite the never-ending distress

Since it was Tuesday on that day, it was a working-schooling day for the citizens. They were all rushing for work/school. And then… there’s me… still navigating my way to the terminus, with my fingers fiddling on my phone, finding my way via Google Map. It took me about half an hour to find the place. Glad that I walked the right way. Glad that I met the counter staff who can speak basic English. To avoid from being lost again, I tried my best to understand his English and not to forget taking a photo of the map. Of course, along the way I would still get lost and seek help from a guard who knew my body language.

So I reached the terminus. I still faced another woes 🤦🏻‍♀. There were something wrong with my bank card when I was about to purchase the ticket. Panic attack started to kick in. I decided to make a phone call to my local bank via Skype. Glad that I still have some credit on my Skype account. Glad that I managed to address the issue and it was solved. I whispered this frail soul of mine to go back to my hostel to have a good rest since I’ve managed to locate the terminus. My only hope was to be back home safely in one piece.

The hostel room was completely empty except myself. Wanna know a silly secret? I made a breakfast spread on the ground – comes with mini butter croissants, the green chilli tuna spread that I bought in KL and matcha milk tea. This little thing that I made out of it was something I’m contented with.

My nomad-style of breakfast

Well, I spent about an hour plus to pack my bags before checkout and make some friendly convo with another traveller. Fortunately AirBnb is an easy peasy accommodation operator. By the time I checked out the hostel, the Japanese guy (whom I assumed he was the cleaner of the hostel) had started to pull off the used sheets.

So, I made my way back to the terminus again to buy my bus ticket. The locker storage is literally full. I thought the kiasu-ness (aka greediness) are being practiced in Singapore culture. But I supposed it happened in other parts of Asia too regardless of the citizens huh? Since I have ample of time, I shall find a better place to store my 6kg backpack. After making rounds around Shinjuku area, I managed to find one that is slightly secluded but quite near to the terminus. What’s next? I’m off to jalan2 😀


Takashimaya in Japan is soOooOoo huge as compare to Orchard Rd. There were about 5 level (or higher) of Tokyu Hands. Not only that –  their food selection at the basement level are wide with varieties, full of confectioneries which some are impossible to find in Singapore. I remembered passing by Dean & Deluca cafe. Their Matcha muffin is so gebu2. Sighz. I should have bought it & not feeling guilty for buying. But now I’ve been thinking about it. The thought of going back to Tokyo is moderate (for now) hahaha!

I googled this last minute & found it at the heart of Shinjuku

After spending a couple of hours jalan2, the OCD me was telling me to be back at the terminus at least 1 hour before. So, I did and claimed my backpack from the locker. Headed back to the terminus and waited for about an hour before I can finally board the bus.

The legroom is spacioussss

The journey takes about 45 minutes to reach the airport. It was a pleasant journey, indeed. It was very early for me to check-in because my flight to KL was 2300hrs. Meanwhile, I’m gonna get bit of rest and then jalan2 around T2. Frankly speaking, I love Haneda Airport hahaha! I only started to join the Q at around 2000 hrs when there’s a group of Indonesian family started the Q. It was hefty to wait. Glad that I had downloaded some Spotify songs to listen. I was only able to check-in an hour later. Anyway, since I travelled alone, I was being questioned at the check-in counter. The lady officer merely asking me about my itinerary & I told her that I’ll be taking the bus after I reached KL. Her reply was a mere okay.

I had Naan with Butter Chicken, Dhal & Rice. Trust me I was full after I had 3/4 of it. Overall, tasty 👍

While I was in Tokyo & browsed through ‘Have Halal, Will Travel’ app, my aim was to try this out on my final day in Tokyo. So, the moment I stepped in the transit area, I rushed to the directory board to find the stall. Got lost in navigation. Tadaaa! I found it. It happened to be like coffee-shop style with variety of stalls. And finally I get to locate this! To learn more, here’s the link for you to check out: Curry Restaurant @ Haneda Airport.


Before I forget, the Lawson at Basement has Halal Souvenir too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to buy it. Kinda regret but that’s okay.