The Unfortunate Misery

It was a smooth journey back to KL. What I was looking forward the most is to reach Singapore safely. I miss my mom & my cat (it’s a community stray cat which she likes to tailgate me most of the time). Took me about an hour to get my backpack back. I have another hour to spare before I can take the bus home. I went to get a light breakfast since I’ve been stuffed with meals during my flight to KL. I discovered that there’s hostel just right beside KLIA2. It’s Capsule by Container Hotel. There are charging stations for people who wants to charge their devices for free but bear in mind, those are not secured with locks. I still have 2 powerbanks wimme. So, I’m safe.

My bus coach was Starmart. This was the bus that goes back to Singapore from KLIA. There’s another – Golden Coach but it seems that the bus had been fully booked. I left no choice but to book Starmart since there was a deal over CatchThatBus. I thought it’s gonna be a smooth ride. But not until he (the driver) made several pitstops.

First, the driver stopped at Malacca to pickup some passengers. After which, there’s another 1/2 stops that he made – one of which was a toilet break. When the driver made another stop to Larkin Terminal, that was when I got super pissed. Not only me, but there’s a pakcik at his late 40s suggested the driver to go thru Woodlands checkpoint instead. But this driver insisted to drive to Tuas. By the time we reached Tuas, it was 2pm.

I explained to the pakcik that I’d take a public bus back to Jurong, so long as I’m out from this misery. Who the heck wanna spend more than 5 hrs in the bus coach? I solemnly swore that I’d avoid Starmart at all cost, regardless of circumstances. Oh I forgot to mention how filthy the coach was – there’s baby cockroach loitering the seat infront of me while I was resting my feet. I wasn’t frightened because I’m immune with cockroaches haha! (Here’s an article about how filthy Starmart is which was reported about 5 months ago)

Since we both were local Singaporeans, the immigration was smooth for us. Without any further hesitation, we took Causeway Link bus to Boon Lay interchange. I couldn’t even bother which part of Singapore I was – so long as I was able to escape this unfortunate misery. The pakcik was kind enough to pay for me the bus ride since I had no small change to pay for me. I’m so blessed to meet him till date. I sighed a relief when I’ve boarded the MRT.

Boy, what a ride. When I reached home, the jet lag started to kick in.

I would conclude that this is the misadventure I created for the past 1 week. I hope, who ever reads this, will find this slightly entertaining and a lesson for all of us to learn. Aye, not easy to be a budget traveler 😉


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