My Best Experience: AirAsia X

If you’re someone who reads this and wants to ease your doubts about AirAsia X (Airbus A330), continue to read it. However, this review is based on my personal experience. Nope, not a paid review but honest & genuine review tho.

If you are bothered to read the whole entire blog about my Tokyo trip which was held 6 months ago, you will know why I chose AirAsia X although my initial plan was to take other airline. No doubt that it’s a dream for some who wish to be at 35k feat under a 5-star rated airline (i.e SQ/Emirates) on their birthday. But because I ain’t rich to fulfill that wealthy dream, I had a plan B.

I’ve been reading online about the good & the bad reviews on AirAsia X. Some mentioned that it wasn’t worthy since it’s a budget airline & it wasn’t comfortable. But in my case, it turned out as a pleasant surprise. Not that AirAsia X planned something exclusive, but it was me who made this hefty decision. Let me put a rough idea on what AirAsia X offering.

Peaceful over at the Quiet Zone

AirAsia X is a long-haul carrier carried by AirAsia itself. The seating? It’s 3x3x3 seating. Just like any other economy airlines you would take (e.g Singapore Air). I find AirAsia has a unique selling point which I guess no budget airlines would have (or maybe there’s another but do enlighten me if you happen to know). They provide Quiet Zone, which is located in between the Premium Flatbed and the Standard seats we all know. Of course, I paid more to make myself comfortable. I never regret at all (although I have thoughts on cancelling this flight). What’s so special about the Quiet Zone is that – if you’re fortunate, you can have the whole 3 seats by yourself just like what I did. I even managed to make do my seats. Thankfully, I brought my 1-kg notebook & a book along to catch some movies. You can click on this link to learn more about their seats.

My inbound flight to Tokyo – Kimbap.

I also pre-ordered my meals. But I didn’t expect to get 2 meals on a flight. Silly me. One is a complimentary meal of Nasi Lemak set. My say about their Nasi Lemak? Uber delicious. But the Kimbap I had was neutral because it wasn’t much filling like how I expected.

Fortunately, the Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser arrived later and that was when I thought I had the best outta my life. The pandan rice that they had was very ber-lemak. Till date I can’t phantom how sedap their Nasi Lemak is.

Outbound flight to KL. This is my Big Breakfast which I pre-ordered online. Nubbad :p

I had a different experience during my outbound flight to KL. Since I had big meal over at Dompierre Jet, getting these meals made me full and bloated. But…. their Big Breakfast is something not to be missed. Simple yet tasty. I still received their Nasi Lemak too but I was too bloated that I had it half-way. Even so, I had a nap. Nevertheless, their flight attendants are quite attentive.

One thing I would say here: I wish I can do this all over again. I never regret booking this low-cost carrier at all. Never. The best decision I made for my 22nd birthday ❤